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Internet Data Network
This is the corporate website for the Internet Data Network of websites.

Common Sense Rules

Good judgment will tell you that we certainly do not need negative controversy or anything that puts a bad light on our network, so use good common sense before you add any content to this network.

By accepting our offer and using the Internet Data Network family of websites, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to abide by our terms of use policy. The main objective of this site is to provide information in a creative, entertaining and informative manor. It is imperative that we protect the people that take the time to publish accurate information on our network.

Important: We reserve the right to remove or cancel any data, for any reason, to protect the integrity of our network. Our decision is final. If you have any questions contact support, Click Here.

We DO NOT allow any of the following on our network:

  1. Absolutely noting illegal.
  2. Porn or adult material.
  3. Hate or racial messages are strictly forbidden.
  4. No materials endorsing or encouraging violence, hatred, revenge, racism, victimization, or criminal activity.
  5. Licensed content; if you do not own or have the right's to any licensed content then do not use it.
  6. Warez, pirated software, pirating tools or hacking tools.
  7. http/tcp proxies, irc/ircd, bnc, eggdrop, socks4/5 or remote bots.
  8. Spamming tools or shell accounts
  9. Fake ID's
  10. Get-Rich-Quick schemes.
  11. Male "enlargement" products do not work, so we don't promote them here.

WARNING: Spam Will Not Be Tolerated!

If you want to avoid a very uncomfortable "legal experience" then DO NOT use Unsolicited Commercial Email to send visitors to our network. Any user found using spam to direct visitors to our website(s) will have their account(s) closed without warning. Further, the user caught spamming will be held liable for damages.

These Rules apply to the Internet Data Network's family of websites:
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